Hampergift – Concept Behind

Hampergift brings to you a unique concept of palm leaf gift packaging and decorative products. The idea is to enhance the value of your gift by wrapping it in skillfully crafted hampers, without disturbing the environment even a bit. It is all about beautifying your relations and surroundings as well!

What are these Palm Leaf packs exactly?

Most people confuse these palm leaf products with cane products, but these are not.  In India, authentic palm leaves in use for centuries for packing and serving food.  Palm trees are found in coastal regions in India. They have linear lance-shaped leaves. The inspirations to create beautiful but useful products came right from the nature as its classic cream color combined with simple grain lines and attractive teak wood texture make it an excellent option. The Hamper Gift employs rural craftsmen who are trained to create high-quality products. It helps in creating rural employment and improves the standard of living of the rural craftsmen. All our manufacturing units are based in South India.

Process of making attractive Palm Leaf Hampers

The Hamper gift believes in preserving our environment. We collect fresh fallen palm leaves to create eco-friendly useful products. After procuring the leaves, they are washed and sundried.  Skilled artisans use their skilled hands and tools to turn these leaves into innovative shapes  and high-quality products that are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Ours products are completely handmade and include steps like cutting leaf, coloring them and weaving the products. Our products are the result of ancient traditions, modern technology and innovative designs.

How innovative are Hampergift products

Our gift packs are perfect option to pack any food item as they are completely safe and even, preserve food for a longer duration than done by any other kind of packing. In fact, our gift packs are so colorful and attractive that people love to reuse those gift packs  for storage or decoration purposes. These are multipurpose products, and you can use them as per your requirements.

Range of products available at Hampergift

The range of products available at Hamper gift is huge, and it keeps growing as our craftsmen continuously come with innovative ideas and new designs which are exclusive and unique. A few popular products include Gift Hampers in different shapes, Pen Stands, Tie Box, Bangle Box, Laundry Bin, Dust Bin, Fruit Trays, Pouches, Baskets, Boxes and lots more.

One more thing, by purchasing one Palm Leaf Pack, you are helping one poor artisan.   It is a good reason to use these eco-friendly products.

Company Details

www.hampergift.com is wholly owned by Shreeram Printers & Stationers

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