Recyclable Gift Wrap for Wedding Presents

Recyclable Gift Wrap for Wedding Presents
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I remember my good ol’ days when I was a kid. I used to wait for this festive season to come, especially Navratri days because there used to be long, unending festivities going on for a whole nine days. Navratris is a nine day long ritual observed to worship different forms of Ma Durga. The Ashtami and Navmi are the eighth and ninth day of these festivities when a special Puja is performed to appease “Ma”. Small girls who have not attained puberty are invited, worshipped as a form of Devi, served with Prasad made of Halwa, Puri and Channa and are given gifts.

Although, worshipping the Goddess, performing Kanya Puja has been same as always, but gifts have become more attractive. It is believed that if you make Goddess Durga happy, she will shower blessings on you and that’s the reason, people get attractive gifts to make those little “devis” happy.

There are all sorts of things available in the market that you can have to gift to those little beings. See, I believe that when you gift something to someone, it is very essential to give it an attractive look to let the other person feel special and feel your effort.

There is something very special that I have discovered for this festive season that will increase the beauty of your gifts. I am talking about palm leaf packaging that is so unique a gifting concept that everybody will just love it. Actually, I have brought these palm leaf packing for coming Durga ashtami Puja in my home and you know what, my small daughter is very fascinated about it and telling all her friends that “my mom will give you gifts in those beautiful pouches.”

There is a huge collection of palm leaf packing available and they are in all kinds of colors, sizes and shapes to suit your requirement.

For example, if you are gifting small hair clips and hair rubber bands, you can get those colorful small pouches. Although these Pouches are quite attractive and are available in very exciting colors, you can add your touch too by adding a beautiful flower made of satin ribbon.

Similarly, if you are giving them chocolates or candies, you can get potlis which are again available in attractive colors. Potlis are very convenient for this kind of stuff. And also, kids can use them later on to either to save their money or to store their tit bits.

If you are planning to give cookies, you can get Cookies Boxes which are just suitable for this colorful festive occasion. In fact, this is entirely unique concept to use a palm leaf cookie box because it is eco friendly yet modern in its look.

And if you are showering them with assorted items like hair clips, stationary items, handkerchief, candies and more, why not pick a beautiful Basket for each child and pack these things? I am sure; the girls will happily carry these small, colorful gift baskets from one home to another with pride and joy!

If you have more ideas to share about how to make Navratri gifts for “devis” more attractive, share them with all of us.


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